Condenser tube sheet

Sheet condenser

Condenser tube sheet

Probes are propelled into each tube using compressed air and then retracted using a cable reel system. We have repaired , 000 tons, retubed centrifugal chillers with capacities up to 12 recip condensers as small as 20 tons. A thrust assembly is used on condenser/ heat exchanger expanders some furnace expanders special boiler expanders. Condenser & Chiller Services provides complete shell and tube heat exchanger support Our service group is comprised of individuals who have been in the industry for over 30 years. By use of appropriate tube rolling procedures ends of tubes at inlet end will not extend beyond face of tube sheet more than 116". Condenser tube sheet.

Steam Surface Condensers condense turbine exhaust steam for power generating mechanical drive applications By producing vacuum at the turbine discharge condensers increase overall cycle efficiency. Below are pictures and a summary of the condenser repair project. The tubesheet is then prepped for the new tubes. The thrust collar will remain stationary against the tube sheet mandrel , tube end while the cage rolls expand the tube. Courtesy: RetubeCo. Tube sheet gaskets are usually flat faced channel type O- ring depending on the manufacturer.

Step 4: Pull the tubes out 6 inches from the face of the tube sheet on the opposite side of the tube cut. A shell and tube condenser ( heat exchanger ) is the most common type of heat exchanger used in refrigeration industry. Condenser/ Heat Exchanger Expanders. 3 Condenser Tube Ends Tube ends after rolling / , rolling , flaring at inlet end of tube should present a uniform appearance be nominally flush with face of tube sheet. Flange quality steel tube sheet precision machined for superior sealing Condenser heads are cast iron or fabricated steel All water side connections are female pipe thread except 12 in.

PSR manufactures the prime condenser tube removal tools mechanical , demolition contractors worldwide to retube , equipment used by power plants salvage large steam condensers. Shell tube ammonia condenser, Tube Condenser We make Horizontal Shell which are available in different capacity ranging from 5TR to 400 TR. which have flanges. Peters Machine, Inc. Our main condenser tube inspection method is based on Eddy Current Technology. For many years, Trane has used a 3/ 8” diameter O- ring to seal their condenser tube sheets to the heads. Condenser tube sheet. Bottom of photograph) The double- spiral stainless steel power wire brushes with. cost 4 times the cost of coating the condenser tubes the client opted to have Curran International apply coating to the condenser tubes tube sheet.

Step 2: Cut the tubes behind the tube sheet on one end of the condenser. Each set of data is discreetly numbered and sent to a data cell to correspond with a location on a digital tube sheet map. 006 diameter wire are sized 1/ 16" larger than the tube sheet hole. is a machine shop in Decatur IL. Once ( in out) will clean the tube sheet hole without removing tube sheet material deforming the hole. Also a condenser re tube would have been difficult in the bottom of a ship where space is limited.

We work as a service provider to assemblers , manufacturers of shell , tube heat exchangers , fabricators other types of vessels. The Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger technology is considered the " work horse" of heat exchangers for over 100 years. Example of a condenser 3- D tubesheet map. Step 3: Place water sprinklers over tube bank and the install trolley beam. Open the condenser- remove the water boxes / cover plates on both sides. A small tear in a screen can result in a large accumulation of debris on the tube sheet that can plug a significant number of the condenser tubes, forcing the remaining water through the remaining.

Tube condenser

Tube- sheet prior to surface preparation ( grit blasting). Note how the tube- sheet is worn away at the tube end. Also note the blast plugs inserted to protect the tube- ends from damage. Tube- sheet after grit blasting. Note how even the small tube to tube- sheet crevasse is blasted clean. The tube sheet at each end with tube ends rolled, for each end of the condenser is closed by a fabricated box cover known as a waterbox, with flanged connection to the tube sheet or condenser shell.

condenser tube sheet

The waterbox is usually provided with man holes on hinged covers to allow inspection and cleaning. For permanent plugging of condenser and heat exchanger tube sheet holes, the two- piece tapered design of the Tubesheet Plug is machined to match specific tube sizes ranging from 5/ 8” to 1- 1/ 4”. TYPES OF THRUST COLLAR FOR CONDENSER TUBE EXPANDERS REVERSIBLE THRUST COLLAR ASSEMBLY FULL RECESS THRUST COLLAR A COLLAR WITH FIX RECESS COLLAR WITH FLUSH FACE Nose portion can be reversed to expand tubes flush with tube sheet and also tubes that are projecting 1/ 8 from tube sheet.